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Dobbs Air Conditioning & Heating is a quality provider of HVAC services, such as A/C repair, heating repair and installation in North Texas & Whitesboro TX.
Serving Since 2005Whitesboro • Grayson Co • Cooke Co
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Complete HVAC Repair & Installation

Dobbs Air Conditioning & Heating is the number one choice for residential and commercial HVAC repair in Whitesboro, Texas, and the surrounding counties.

One of our experienced technicians working on an HVAC unit

At Dobbs A/C, we represent a brand new era in Heating and Air Conditioning repair. For 16 years, we have been keeping costs down and expectations high. By introducing innovative problem solving and top-notch results, we offer the most affordable and trustworthy repair services anywhere in Grayson, Cooke or Denton Counties.

Whether you are a homeowner or managing a commercial location, Dobbs A/C should be your go-to company for all types of HVAC services. Our extensive base of knowledge on ALL makes and models of heating and cooling equipment makes us the perfect choice, no matter what problem you’re facing.

For new construction or re-modeling, you can count on us to help you find the perfect system for your home or office. We can design and install the system, and back it up with the industry’s best warranties.

To see what all the talk is about, call Dobbs Air Conditioning and Heating today at (903) 564-9429.

The Dobbs Air Conditioning fleet of work vehicles are on stand-by, awaiting your AC repair call!

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Maintenance Tips

Above view of equipment being worked on.

The life of your heating & cooling system depends on the service and care you give it. Proper care assures good performance.

We have put together a set of simple "Dos and Don'ts" that every homeowner should follow.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Mild spring weather means you won't be using your heating and cooling system as much. This is the perfect time to do a little maintenance so that your HVAC is running properly and efficiently for summer.

Electrical connections that are faulty can make the operation of your HVAC system unsafe and reduce the lifespan of its major components. A regular step in your spring HVAC checklist should be checking and tightening these connections.

Call us at (903) 564-9429 for a spring tune-up that ensures a comfortable, efficient, and cost effective summer!

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